Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery specialising in Roses!

Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery
specialising in Roses!

Autumn Rose Pruning

1 Nov 2021


Should I be pruning my roses now?

As the cold weather sets in, many of us are tidying up our gardens and preparing them for winter. A common question is, is now the right time to prune my roses? And the answer is this; sort of!

We don't recommend hard pruning your roses until Spring, the end of February beginning of March, when the last frosts have come and gone. This is because, when we prune our roses back very short, the stems don't have room to die back. Wet, cold, and frosty weather cause dieback on the stems, and if we have pruned hard too early then we risk losing the rose altogether. 

However, it's not quite time to retire our secateurs for winter and go and put the kettle on! We need to give the roses a tidy-up before they settle down to their long winter sleep. This means clearing up all the dying leaves that fall around the base of the plant and cutting off any dead, brown wood. If you have any once flowering Ramblers or Shrubs, then take out some of the old wood in order to regenerate the plant and promote flowering next year.

Now is also the time to give your soil a winter wash, using a product like Sulphur Rose to soak the soil around your rose will kill off any Blackspot spores. These spores will wait in the soil through winter and attack your rose as soon as it starts putting on fresh growth in Spring. This extra preventative measure will help your rose get off to a great start, and keep that pesky Blackspot at bay. 

Lastly, you can feed your rose with a slow-release winter feed, such as bonemeal. This will keep your rose happy and fed throughout the colder months. When all these jobs are done, you can finally have your cup of tea, knowing that your roses are properly prepared for winter!