Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery specialising in Roses!

Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery
specialising in Roses!

Deadheading and Feeding

25 Jun 2021
Get more flowers from your roses

Like us, your roses have probably already given you a beautiful first flush of vibrant and fragrant blooms. Now those blooms are going over, it's time to get out into the garden and help them put on new flowering growth. Your roses have used a lot of energy in their first flush, and this can be the time when they get caught by common diseases like blackspot and powdery mildew. So, what can you do to stop this from happening?


People often think deadheading is done purely for aesthetic reasons, taking off the old, brown blooms makes the plant look a bit more attractive. However, the most important reason for it is to speed up the process of flowering. When you take off the old blooms, it sends a signal to the rose that it needs to put on new growth to make new blooms quickly. But where do we cut the bloom? That's easy.

When looking at the gone-over bloom, or cluster of flowers, follow the stem down to the first set of five leaves. This should be two or three sets down from the bloom. Above this, make a diagonal, clean cut with a sharp pair of secateurs. If your rose is fairly big, and you don't have the time to be so careful, then just take off the old blooms and a few centimeters of the stem. 


As mentioned, this can be a dangerous time for roses when disease may hit. The best way to prevent disease is by feeding and watering your plant well. Any feed that is rose specific will work well, try not to use more general plant feeds as the nutrients might make the rose green and bushy but not encourage strong growth that carries flowers. You can get rose feeds at any garden centers, or have a  look at our website in 'Rose Essentials' to see what feeds we have in stock. 

It is extremely important to feed your roses, it is much easier to prevent the common diseases from appearing than trying to tackle them after they've taken hold.

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