Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery specialising in Roses!

Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery
specialising in Roses!

How to Get Your Roses Reflowering Fast

3 Jul 2022

How To Get Your Roses Reflowering Fast

If like us, you've enjoyed your rose's beautiful blooms all through June and you can't wait for them to flower again, then it's time to get out in the garden and get to work! It's natural for roses to have big flushes of flowers, and then take some time to recover, gather energy, and then get blooming again. However, if you leave them to do it by themselves you may be waiting a long while for those lovely scented flowers to burst back into life. 

The two most important things to get your roses flowering again are deadheading and feeding.

Let's look at the first, deadheading is the removing of old, dead blooms in order to alert the rose that it needs to start growing and budding again. What's the best way to do it? Take a pair of clean, sharp secateurs and take the bloom off at the first set of five leaves that appear under the old head. Make a clean cut just above these leaves and you'll see that within a few days a small stem will start growing from here, that will be the next set of blooms.

If your rose is covered in clusters of tiny flowers, this can be an extremely time-consuming task. With these types of roses you want to wait until the whole cluster has gone over, then take the same steps as before, locate the first set of five leaves, and cut the steam just above. If it's a huge climber/shrub, you don't need to be too pernickety, you can just chop off the clusters of blooms a few centimeters down the stem and this will speed up the whole process. 

You can dedicate an afternoon to the care of your roses, as after deadheading you'll want to go ahead and feed them. Where the plant has used up so much energy producing their beautiful blooms, they may now be lacking in some minerals and nutrients. This is a dangerous time for a rose, as it will be susceptible to common diseases such as blackspot and mildew. One way to prevent your roses from contracting these diseases is by giving them a good feed, this will release the burst of energy that your rose really needs to fight off diseases and start putting on new flowering growth. Not sure what to feed them with? Well here are our top 3 recommendations for rose feed:


Granular feed: You can sprinkle this around the base of your rose bushes and water it in, this is a slow-release food that takes some time to get to the plant.

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Liquid feed: Some liquid feeds are to be mixed with water and poured around the base of the plant, this gets to the rose a bit quicker as it doesn't have to be broken down.

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Liquid foliar feed: This feed should be mixed with water and sprayed directly onto the rose, this is an instant feed that makes a big difference very quickly. 

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