Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery specialising in Roses!

Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery
specialising in Roses!

July Newsletter

New Season

As we come to the middle of our summer season, we start looking forward to autumn, which is a very important time for rose growers. Autumn is the start of our bare root season, traditionally the most popular time to buy roses. All of our varieties become available to purchase bare root, and we have lots of new and exciting varieties on offer too.

Why order bare root? The reason being that the roses move from our field to your garden while they are dormant, this means that the roots are not disrupted during planting and the rose doesn't suffer any shock. They wake up in the spring time without knowing they've moved,  sending out their feeder roots and getting on with growing as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in ordering bare root varieties, take a look at our website and see what varieties we have on offer. 


Common Diseases

Your roses have been working so hard through these growing months to produce tall, strong growth and beautiful, fragrant flowers. I'm sure you've all been enjoying seeing your roses bloom beautifully this summer, but let's not forget that all this work takes a lot of energy. During August, some of you may find that your roses are looking a bit worn out. When roses have spent all of their energy, they are extremely prone to diseases like Blackspot (pictured below), Mildew (pictured above) and Rust. What can you do about it?

At this time of year it is extremely important that you keep watering and feeding your roses, when they have just flowered and you are deadheading them is the time to give them something to spur them on. Any rose specific food will do, it will help them to fight disease and maybe put on enough new growth to flower again this year. 

If it`s mildew your roses are suffering with, then be sure to up your watering. Water around the roots of the rose and all over the leaves and stems too, we recommend watering in the morning as 'you wouldn't go to bed with wet socks on'. These diseases may be a bit worrying, but they have never killed a rose, so don't loose hope! Get feeding and watering your roses to reward them for putting on a beautiful display.