Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery specialising in Roses!

Welcome to Apuldram Roses, a plant nursery
specialising in Roses!

Rose Pruning Tips

17 Jun 2021


It's time to get the secateurs out!

That's right, it's that dreaded time of year again. You spend hours looking through books and scouring the internet for the right information and when it's finally time to get out in the garden you're terrified that you might damage your favourite rose. Don't worry! we are here to give you a hand. Follow our quick and easy pruning guide:

Hybrid Teas:
Cut down to 4 - 6 inches

Cut down to 8 - 10 inches

Cut out old wood and take down the overall height by 1/3

Prune back the laterals and train new stems horizontally or in a fan shape.

Remove all old wood, leave the new wood as this will carry this years flowers.

Patio Miniatures:
Cut down to 2 - 4 inches

We know that lots of our customers get nervous when it comes to pruning, but don't worry. The worst thing you can do is leave your rose unpruned, as it will have long weak growth that can't support its blooms. It will also become very hard and woody at the bottom, and only carry roses at the top. So, get a nice clean pair of secateurs and get out into the garden this weekend! Another tip: give your roses a sprinkle of bone meal after pruning, this will give them a nice boost for new Spring growth.