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Height  -  1m ↕  1m ↔  
Fragrance  -  Slight 
Colour  -  Dark Purple 
Bloom size  -  Medium 
Flowering  -  Repeat flowering 


Several 'sports' of the old favourite 'Iceberg' have emerged recently, and this one is amazing. A 'sport' is a natural variant of an existing rose, usually occuring as a colour change, and sometimes as a climbing version of a bush rose. The variant will share many characteristics with the original. Burgundy Ice looks very similar to 'Iceberg' except for its stupendous colour, dense, inky, dark plum, almost purple. It's a fantastic novelty rose. 4ft. No Fragrance.

Burgundy Ice

PriceFrom £14.95
  • Make sure you keep your bare root roses damp and free from the frost until planting.  Once in the ground water regularly especially in cold windy conditions, it will seem strange to do so but it is important to keep the stems hydrated.  We send a care guide with each order and we are more than happy to answer any questions via phone call or email.

  • Keep well watered until planting and then for at least 14 days to make sure they have settled in.