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Winter Care for Your Roses

Winter Care for Your Roses

Although Roses are completely dormant during the winter months, there are still plenty of things you can be doing, and products you can use which Roses will thank you for in the flowering months of spring and summer.

Removal of Discoloured and Diseased Leaves

Your Roses may well have shed most of leaves by now but because of a particularly mild winter this year, many Roses have barely stopped putting on growth, albeit slowly.

It is important to remove these leaves now before pruning in the spring. Make sure you remove them from the plant and away from the base of the plant also. This will leave the plant with a fresh start come spring time when it begins to put on new shoots after pruning.

Bone meal

Bone Meal provides a perfect slow release winter feed. Simply spread around the base of the plant and lightly fork in with the soil. Bone Meal is available from any good garden centre in various quantities and is reasonably priced.

Sulphur Rose

Sulphur Rose is a specialist Rose treatment aimed at preventing and treating black spot and other common fungi in Roses. It can be applied at all times throughout the year, in the dormant or flowering seasons. Simply mix with water in the prescribed quantities and spray the plant and the ground and put a stop to black spot before it has a chance to occur.

A 250g pack of Sulphur Rose will treat 20 roses for a whole year. It is available from Apuldram Roses at

Follow these 3 simple steps to keep your rose happy in the cold and wet winter and they will repay you with flowers and healthy green leaves in the hot (and hopefully dry) summer.

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