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Please note we will be closed on Saturday July 20th for a family celebration.

Height  -  5m   3m  ↔  
Fragrance  -  Light and musky 
Colour  -   White 
Bloom size  -  Medium 
Flowering  -  Repeat Flowering


Clusters of creamy white, very fragrant flowers adorn this rose throughout the summer. The semi-double blooms open up to reveal a yellow center. Grows to around 15ft. 

City of York

PriceFrom £16.45
  • Make sure you keep your bare root roses damp and free from the frost until planting.  Once in the ground water regularly especially in cold windy conditions, it will seem strange to do so but it is important to keep the stems hydrated.  We send a care guide with each order and we are more than happy to answer any questions via phone call or email.

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