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Bare Root & Potted Plants

Bare Root Plants

As the name suggests, these plants have “bare roots”, meaning that they are open and uncovered (see picture above). These plants are dispatched between November and March, during which time the roses are dormant until they are potted in the Spring so that they can begin to grow and flower.

It is generally thought that the Autumn and Winter months are the best time to plant roses. This is because although they are not growing, they will still establish over the winter months, so that when Spring comes and the plant begins to grow again, it has an established root system in place. This generally means faster growth, and earlier flowers.

Bare root plants also tend to be cheaper that potted plants, both the price of the plant and delivery because there is no additional costs of pots or compost to contribute and plants can be bundled together easier to send in smaller packaging.

Another advantage to ordering bare root plants is the guarantee of getting the variety that you want. Growers will have a full stock list for the bare root season as it is the technically speaking, the beginning of the rose season.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are as their name suggests, in pots. The bare root plants are potted and then are available for dispatch during the growing season (March – October). Potted roses can be dispatched 12 months of the year, although new plants in the winter are primarily bare roots.

The advantage of potted plants is that they provide more of an instant effect. With the plant likely to be growing, in bud or even in flower. For this reason they also can also make excellent gifts.

The slight disadvantage that potted plants have is only that because they are growing plants and not dormant like bare root roses, they need a little more care and attention to help them establish. Generous watering and feeding in a potted plants first season is crucial.

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