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Receiving Delivery Of Your Bare Root Roses

Have all my roses arrived?

We pack bare root roses very tightly together, usually in one parcel. Because of this, it can often seem as though there are only one or two roses when there are in fact more.

If you have ordered more than one rose, please ensure you remove the packaging and the string to be sure that all of your roses are there.

Do I need to plant my roses strait away?

Here at Apuldram Roses, we recommend planting as soon as possible, particularly with bare root roses. Sadly however, we all know that the weather does not always permit this.

Should frozen or waterlogged ground prevent you from planting strait away, bare root roses will survive happily in a cool place for around 3 weeks, providing their roots are kept damp in their packaging.

To keep the roots damp during storage, open the packaging, water the roots and re-seal the packaging.

I am going away and I cannot plant my roses before I go, will they be okay?

If you cannot plant your roses before you go, and will be unable to keep the roots damp, we suggest heeling them into a trench with some soil around the roots until you return (see pictures below).

You should receive instructions for planting and pruning with your order but for more information on rose care and maintenance, visit

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